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Bad Apple - Scent Profile

This fragrance was added in the beginning of 2022 and has quickly climbed our best selling fragrance list. Fresh cut Honeycrisp apple makes for a clean, slightly sweet and slightly tart stand alone fragrance. We top this scent with red and green mica powder and sea salt.

What products come in this scent?

Bad Apple comes in container candle, pillar candle, triple butter body bar, room spray, and wax melt.


We like to pair a couple of our scents by burning them at the same time to create a new experience. Example: try burning a Bad Apple while melting Wassail in your wax melter.

Who will like this scent?

We suggest this scent to people who describe fresh, clean, or fruity as their scents of choice. Want to sample it? Email us for information on our sample sets and a chance to receive a free gift with your first order.

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